preparing for (LOTS) of babies

Did I share the great news that I'm going to be Aunt-ed again! My brother A3 and Dayna are expecting their second baby, my 6th niece or nephew sometime in February; trying to prepare my niece S (now 1.5 yrs!) for the new baby, they've asked me for book suggestions. Thought I would share what I've found.

When Mom’s Preggo:
On Mother’s Lap, Ann Herbert Scott
Not Yet, Rose, Susanna Leonard Hill
Waiting for Baby, Rachel Fuller
Waiting for Baby, Harriet Ziefert
There’s Going to be a Baby, John Burningham

And for when the baby arrives:
My New Baby, Annie Kubler
Hello Baby!, Lizzy Rockwell
The New Baby, Harold Gray Shane
I’m a New Big Sister, Nora & Gutierrez Gaydos
Best Ever Big Sister, Karen Katz
I’m a Big Sister, Joanna Cole
The New Baby at Your House, Joanne Cole
My New Baby, Rachel Fuller
We Have a Baby, Cathryn Falwell

Also, my best friend Kim had her first baby ON MY BIRTHDAY! What a present, eh? Got to go see her this weekend, when my cold disappeared (or so I thought), and she is BEAUTIFUL. I've already nicknamed my new little chunky monkey, Izzy. 

SO MANY BABIES coming to us this fall/winter. Our good friend Chris & Kate are expecting their first in the next week! YIKES!


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