oh, THAT busy season

At work we're preparing for our 2nd Annual Silent Auction, where local businesses and individuals donate items to the Library, which we then auction off to the highest bidder, with the funds going toward Sticks Library programs in 2014. Last year we raised over $1,300, so this years goal is $1,500 as I've hit up more businesses than last year! Wish us luck!!

We're also working with Sticks College to fundraise clothing items for local families in need, in lieu of fines, we're taking said items. I know a lot of libraries do food for fines at this time of year, but our local food pantry gets so many donations at this time of year, we hit them during their drier spells, spring and fall, hence why we do a clothing drive.

Busy time for libraries is definitely during summer reading, and for us at Sticks, things are slowing down with programming--aside from the normal monthly activities like storytimes and school visits, etc., we only really have a visit from Santa and 2 days of Gingerbread House making to plan for--we are finally getting to breathe a little more.

But, of course this is that busy season of holidays creeping toward us--HOLY CATS! Thanksgiving is a week away! Living alone and being a sort-of-singleton means I travel for holidays and wind up wherever I'm invited or at home. Since Mom's going to be heading South to my sis' family for Christmas, she's going to stop here for a couple days before we head to A3's for Thanksgiving. That means I have to clean house, do laundry, and get clean bedding ready on top of my growing list of to-dos before I get to check out of work for nearly a week!

Wish me luck and patience as I tackle last minute things!!


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