"I feel Tuesday and Wednesday"

I hate Wednesdays, mostly because I work the late shift. But this morning I have to go in for an early morning meeting and then still close. Sucks. Being in charge sucks sometimes. The other thing I hate about Wednesdays is the whole "hump day," business. I hate when people say, "Happy Hump Day!" or when ChicagoBoy texts it to me--I may eventually tell him how much I hate "Hump Day," we're just not there yet. I also just hate that it's midway through the week, yet Friday feels so far away still. It's just got that feel to it too. And now I have this to hate about Wednesdays because inevitably someone brings it up EVERY WEEK. It's like every time I forget this, and someone mentions it and then I'm whistling it for another damn 3 days!

All this thinking of Wednesdays made me think of my favorite day related things: weekday related feelings , or keeping track of where you are in the week. As for me, I'd rather be at home on a Sunday morning with this guy, than at work!

Sorry I'm such a grumbly grouch today...guess I know what I'm wearing to work today.


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