"chook chook chook"

The other night when we were winding down our night shift, and I in particular was counting down the minutes to my looooong weekend, Prairie Dawn decided to read, Ol' Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein, to us.

A story about tough, protective Mama Squirrel, who guards her nest and babies, offering a threatening, "CHOOK CHOOK CHOOK," at any other animals that come to close, that is until the day a bear shows up and Mama Squirrel has to call for back up...but who will help her?

This book was hands down the funniest picture book I've read (or had read to me) in a long time and something I guarantee kids will love! They'll love Stein's artwork, the tough Mama Squirrel, and definitely the "CHOOK CHOOK CHOOK!!" noise that Mama Squirrel makes--they'll be making that noise every time they see a squirrel for evermore!

Also, wanted to send a shout out to my Godchild, Viv, who turns 4 today! I love that kid so--what a blessing in my life. Also, happy 1 month birthday to my little chunky monkey birthday present, Izzy.


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