being thankful and a Capitalist

I'm thankful for friends and family who've seen me through a lot and helped let me become who I am.
I'm thankful for my 5 little monkeys--nieces and nephews who've taught me so much about love and patience.
I'm thankful for all of the babies that have arrived to friends this year, and for the babies to come this winter, especially A3 and Dayna's 2nd, my 6th niece or nephew!
I'm thankful for an awesome job where I have free reign, a loving and encouraging Board, and staff who can run the place with their eyes closed.
I'm thankful for Prairie Dawn's hard work and enthusiasm with the kiddos of Sticks.
I'm thankful for my furball, Hemmy.

And on a capitalist note, I'm thankful for these rocking boots, which I will be wearing when I see the Chicago Boy soon! I didn't know how else to share my excitement in a blog! Forgive me!


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