lovelier versions of myself

I had another 4 day weekend--so glad I'm spreading out my vacation days this way--and split the time between my brother A3's family in the Cleveland area, and in Michigan.

My Friday night/Saturday night/Sunday morning meant talking about Baby #2, who's due in February; chasing my niece S (now 1.5 years old!) around the house, and listening to her as she spoke REAL words! And some weird Ewok-esque language. She has learned the nickname that half my nieces and nephews call me, and now calls me by name, loves to sit with me, and begs for me to hold her. And I, ever the doting auntie, can't soak up enough of this. I laughed with her, smiled when she shouted things like "RUN!" at me (during a game of chase), and marveled at this wonder who is already counting to 3. Suffice to say, it was hard to leave Sunday morning.

Next I was off to my favorite aunties for a visit with Dad's family, and particularly, with my Godmother who lives in Florida. It was a nice visit, followed by an evening at bestie L's house.

Monday was GIRL's DAY! Bestie K is due with her first baby TODAY! So, we decided to have one last hoorah: a birthday breakfast for me, hanging out at K's house, a movie with my two bestie's and former roomie Melissa, dinner together, more hanging, dessert. Indulgences aplenty, but more importantly lots of talking--we're all in these fascinatingly different places in our lives with relationships, children, careers; just spending the time talking with these women who are so important to me was phenomenal, like a cleansing face mask for my spirit (that sounds so cheesy!) It was exactly what I needed as I head back to work today, and towards some confusing feelings I'm having for a new friend...something that I'm talking through with the girls, and trying to make sense of...And then I stumbled upon this. Anne gets it! Anne ALWAYS gets it!

"One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was that I was going to need a lot of help, and for a long time. (Even this morning.) What saved me was that I found gentle, loyal and hilarious companions, which is at the heart of meaning: maybe we don’t find a lot of answers to life’s tougher questions, but if we find a few true friends, that’s even better. They help you see who you truly are, which is not always the loveliest possible version of yourself, but then comes the greatest miracle of all—they still love you. They keep you company as perhaps you become less of a whiny baby, if you accept their help. And that is so much easier said than done."  --Anne Lamott

For the whole Salon article.


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