feathered friends

Hello, My Name is Ruby, is the sweetest of  sweet sweet stories, and in true Philip C. Stead's style, the text is endearing, "...sometimes I do not feel small...would you like to see?"--the next page shows a flock of small birds making an elephant shape, in line with other elephants, very Swimmy-esque.

Stead's signature beautiful artwork is present, his pictures always so stunning and colorful (watch a demo of Stead CREATING!) Can we just say that I love that things as simple as squiggly lines can make up tufts of fur or feathers! So beautiful!

I think kids will enjoy the themes of the books: friendship, being yourself, loneliness, feeling like a part of something, and the adventurous spirit of Ruby. I think children will love talking about the pictures, most especially all the different birds...I just LOVED it.


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