who needs sleep?

Today was a long day.
This summer I was invited to serve on the board of our consortium, today was my first meeting with the group. It was interesting to hear about some of the proposed changes, to get a first hand peek at the new interface our catalog will have, and to ask questions and hear feedback about things that I don't usually hear about until they trickle their way to us directors via the frequent emails. It was nice to have a break from Sticks and be in Columbus for a few hours, and eat some tasty food. Even though we were inside the whole time, I feel rejuvenated just being in a big city.

After the 3 hr. meeting, and 3.5 hr. roundtrip drive, and with food in my belly I was so beat by the time I got back to Sticks; had just enough time to sneak home and feed Hemmy, and take a 30 min. cat-nap, before I was back at work, this time setting up for our 6p.m. speaker. (That was a bust because unfortunately no one showed up for her program). At 7:30p.m. I spoke for a local civic org about what we're currently doing at the Library and what's on the horizon for the rest of the year, some of my goals, and some of 2013's successes (SUMMER READING!!) And I received really great feedback from the group, which is always flattering; I was glad to be able to speak to this group, especially as they gave us a generous donation for Summer Reading. I left them to continue their meeting...I  sat and waited, and waited, and waited, and finally was locking up the building and shutting off the lights at 10:15p.m.

Today takes the cake. My longest day yet--a 13 hour day and I'm so beat. And yet, I can't sleep. And I've got this song stuck in my head...*grumble grumble, yeah, may I listened to it 3 times tonight for some reason.*

And I'm reading WONDERFUL articles like this. And watching weird stuff like this. And funny stuff like this. At least I keep up with pop culture when I can't sleep. Who needs sleep anyway?


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