what catching up looks like

I feel like I've finally caught up.

My box in my Treasurer's office is empty. All purchase orders and super blanket certificates filed away; receipts are initialed and filed away; the pile of magazines: Library Journal, School Library Journal, as well as the reviews Forecast, etc., and the pile of stuff: Oriental Trading Company fliers and the like have all been gone through and recycled. I can see the top of my desk again!

I've even managed to weed the Adult Fiction section (AGAIN!) while Prairie Dawn tackled weeding the Juvenile picture books, something we've wanted to do since before Summer Reading and also since we pulled out the Easy Reader books. We're getting things ship shape around here.

I'm caught up all of my orders for the month, my email inbox is empty, I'm prepared for our upcoming participation at the county fair which is looming on the horizon, I'm prepared for a meeting at the State Library which is also fast approaching.

I feel like I'm finally caught up...until I see my office, the recently-cleared-of-Summer-Reading-stuff-table-tops now covered in donations of books to be used in our holiday basket sale; an office now stuffed with carts of weeded books for a sidewalk book sale that I'm planning for later this month/early October.

Being caught up also means looking ahead and planning. I'm all about planning. I'm so type-A. And there are so many exciting and fun things on our horizon: cool speakers, a stuffed animal sleepover, a Diary of a Wimpy Kid trivia event to celebrate the release of book #8, Gingerbread Houses in December, and and and...ok, I'm getting way too ahead of myself, but this is what happens when I have to take our paper calendars and put them on our website.

For now I am just going to be grateful, grateful for being caught up for now; grateful for this wonderful almost-fall weather we've been having; just grateful.


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