great news, TGIF, and a 1st party

Oh my sweet and gentle Moses!

I spoke with Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Youth Services Consultant at the State Library of Ohio yesterday!! And, get this, SHE IS COMING TO STICKS LIBRARY to consult with us on 1. how to best utilize our very limited space for the kids/teens and 2. to offer suggestions on programming and unique ways to market ourselves to draw in more kids, and teens. Prairie Dawn has been worshiping Dwyer from afar since we saw her speak at a conference this past spring and we're both SUPER EXCITED, but I thought P.D. was going to faint when she heard me invite Dwyer to sit in on a story time. Poor P.D. is so nervous now. Did I mention how FREAKING EXCITED WE ARE!!

So thankful for that great news, but even more thankful it's Friday. Going to be a busy busy day--due to a staff family emergency this week and another staffer on vacay, I've been on the desk EVERY SINGLE day since arriving back from my lovely long weekend. I love working the CIRC desk, so no worries there, other than the fact that I have tons of paper work and a couple of grants to work on stat! Today begins with a breakfast meeting of the County Library Directors, hosted by Moi at Sticks; all day coverage at the CIRC desk and it's a cargo delivery day.

I LOVE CARGO DAYS! Cargo, for you library muggles, is the delivery of items ordered from other libraries. Since we're in a consortium with 86 other libraries this means books, DVDs, playaways, etc. come to us from all over and can result in us unpacking, checking in, tagging, and getting a hold of the orderers of said items. This doesn't sound like a ton of work, but considering we're a small library and 2-3 people do it and get it done within an hour, it is quite a production. And since we're a small library we all pitch in to get it done as fast as possible. I love love love helping with cargo because it means seeing what comes in, what folks order that we might not have; if you're in charge of ordering for a collection, I would definitely suggest you spend a week assisting your folks who do cargo shipments.

Hopefully all the busy busy will make the day fly by; I'm having my first gathering at my apartment tonight. I mean my bro
A3, sis-in-law Dayna, and Savannah Banana have visited, and there was a weekend when the Boy was in town, but this is a real, certifiable party with friends from town. So, as I'm unpacking cargo I will be going over the appetizer list in my head and making a mental list of what booze and mixers I will need to buy...oh, dear. I love parties.

Someone's been a little moody this week...
I will raise a glass in your honor tonight! A toast to blog followers, and entertaining friends, and to Hemmy behaving (he was being a naughty bastard tonight...making me consider punishing him by dressing him up like this.)


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