perks of being a librarian near a college

As I've mentioned before, Sticks is fortunate in that it has Sticks College in town, which brings a flair and energy to this sleepy, rural town (for at least 9 months out of the year). Though the natives seem to enjoy summer and the sleeping university--void of most of its noisy inhabitants--I prefer the school term and even the loud and sometimes annoying college kids. I love the excitement of watching the cars coming into town bringing nervous new students, as well as tested old hands; love watching as students in pairs and packs roam about this sometimes boring town, breathing life into it just by their very presence, their very differentness.

So, it was with much excitement that Prairie Dawn and I headed over to Sticks College recently to set up a table for the Freshman Welcome--a day where students can acquaint themselves with all the various students organizations and groups--which gave us the opportunity to meet and greet new students, but most importantly of all, to give out LIBRARY CARDS!

One of the stats libraries track is how many users they have, so why not amp up those numbers by making free library cards available to students?! I'm assuming that a lot of these these kids may never actually make it into our library, and that if they do come to our library they may never actually use their cards, but what matters most is that we've at least given these students another tool to use in their educational pursuits! And we've increased our stats while doing it--WIN WIN! I am high five-ing myself right now. (insert awkward turtle here)

How many cards do you think we gave out in 2 hours time?

137 library cards


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