new Harry Potter covers

The Harry Potter series is getting a makeover, when on August 15th the books will be re-released (can you hear those cash registers clanking?) with new illustrations by Amulet series author and illustrator, Kazu Kibuishi--the new covers are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the HP franchise!

The new covers definitely do something a little darker and more sinister than Mary GrandPre's softer originals. I like both illustrators covers...don't make decide which I like better!

Keep checking back, I will share the originals and the newly illustrated covers over the next days...

In celebration of 15 years of Harry and Hogwarts and happiness...and the new covers, we're hosting a Harry Potter read-in! I've ordered multiple copies of all the books, now we're just looking forward to people of all ages popping in, plopping down, and returning to Hogwarts. Ice cream will follow as our Butterbeer machine is broken...


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