We received an email yesterday from the Ohio Library Council with it's weekly updates. This was something mentioned:

"Bill Would Allow Concealed Weapons in Public Libraries.
Rep. Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) has introduced HB 231 which would expand Ohio's current Concealed Carry laws to allow concealed weapons in government buildings, including public libraries. The bill also would allow concealed weapons in churches and daycare centers and allow college campuses to permit concealed carry. It is expected that this bill will have some hearings this fall, but because of the controversial nature of this legislation, it is not expected to move quickly through the General Assembly. At its meeting on July 19, the OLC Board of Directors reaffirmed the Council's long-held position of opposing concealed weapons in public libraries. The OLC is drafting a letter to legislators expressing opposition to the legislation and is developing a strategy for individual libraries to respond to this legislation."

Why the hell would you need to have a concealed weapon in a daycare? Church? Library?



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