itchy feet

View from one of my favorite spots in Chicago

I love looking up at these skyscrapers, then down at the Chicago River

Navy Pier and that monstrosity of a Ferris Wheel!

I call it itchy feet: this need to be going; to get on the road, to drive away; to start all over again somewhere new. And yet, each time I start all over again I am exhausted by the actual starting all over again bit. It must be the thrill in the travel I want. And I've got it again, the itchy feet. I'm having a hard time settling and sitting still after 3 weekends in a row of going, and seeing dear friends, and of fun: Massachusetts, Chicago, Michigan.

This morning we begin week 5 of Summer Reading, OVER the HALFWAY mark and we're excited about that. And everyone's tired. And I'm sitting here suffering from itchy feet, my mind wandering back to the places I've been lately and I am dreaming of more time in Chicago in particular...*sigh*


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