good good weekends, long long weeks

It was so hard to come back to work yesterday; I had the best weekend:
  • hung out with brother A3 and sis-in-law Dayna, besties Lisa and Kim and their hubbies, Kate & Chris, and my old roomie Melissa. So good catching up with everyone, even though it meant lots of talk about babies (last summer all the talk was about getting married and buying houses)
  • Learned that my brother A3 and sis-in-law Dayna are expecting their 2nd child! I am going to be Aunt-ed for the 6th time this winter!
  • Went to a cousin's wedding on Saturday; my friend Edwin was the perfect date. Had so much fun!
  • Edwin and I went and saw The Heat on Sunday--can I just say I love Melissa McCarthy! Felt good to enjoy a martini, put my feet up, and laugh. you see why it was so hard to come back to work yesterday!

Summer Reading is winding down--thank God!--this is week 5 of 6 and we're still having people sign-up, which is great! Our count now looks like this:

Babies-age 5 years:             55
Kindergarten-6th grade:      151 
7th grade-12th grade:          54
Adults:                                 152

I still can't believe how many adults we had sign-up, we initially expected no more than 50! Sticks grown-ups love to read! WOO HOO!

As we wind down and prepare to wrap up Summer Reading, Prairie Dawn and I are trying to maintain our smiles and sense of humor. We're both feeling exhausted (I'm also feeling travel hung-over). On top of feeling tired I am still trying to get packed and moved into my new apartment--not sure when this is supposed to happen as I am working long hours every day to cover vacations this week. Maybe this weekend?

Also, I won a scholarship to attend the Annual Mazza Summer Conference next week--so excited for that! This week can't pass fast enough.


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