ALA Chicago still on the brain

This year is the 15 Anniversary of HP and the Sorcerer's Stone--
the books are being re-released with new cover art.

Temple Grandin signing books after her AMAZING lecture!

On the left--children's author/illustrator Kevin Henkes!

Ann Patchett--I was in the FRONT ROW!

Alice Walker!

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid bus

Exhibitor's Hall before it opened

Exhibitor's Hall before it opened

My last post was Conference tips, this post will be chronicling all of the AWESOME things that I saw/did at ALA 2013 Chicago!
  • Went to awesome sessions which gave me great ideas and left me feeling EMPOWERED!
  • Talked to cool professional colleagues--met a guy who was the former director of a local library, so he actually had heard of Sticks! Now he's back near Cleveland--good to know if I ever decide to go back out that way...
  • MET!! and had books signed by Katherine Paterson, Patricia MacLachlan, Kevin Henkes
  • Got free yet-to-be-released-books which some of our HAPPY teens are previewing for us now AND deciding whether or not we should buy these books for our collection when they come out in the fall!
  • Was next to Nancy Pearl on an escalator; had a great, short conversation with her, at the end of which I said, "I had an action figure of you in Grad School!" Yep. I'm that dork.
  • Heard speakers: Temple Grandin, Giada De Laurentiis', Ann Patchett (front row!!), Alice Walker
  • Walked around the city in the afternoon and enjoyed BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT weather and views of Lake Michigan!
  • Spent lots of time with my friend Scott and finally got to go on the huge Ferris wheel at Navy Pier


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