confessions of exhausted

I'm exhausted. Too tired to sleep. And too hot to stay asleep long once I get there. That problem may be solved soon, as I met with my landlord yesterday and got the keys to my new apartment--a 2 bedroom, upstairs number in a house now duplexed. This place has AC units waiting for me, and frigging windows that open, imagine that! I'm so happy about getting to a quieter apartment, further away from Sticks Main Street, with less apartment neighbors, in an actual neighborhood...and that's what I'm focusing on since I can't even fathom the packing and the carrying out of one apt., to my car, up into the next apt. part.

We are so busy at work with week 3 of Summer Reading happening; I'm so busy preparing and packing for ALA Chicago; thinking ahead to next week and another weekend out of town. How am I ever going to get moved?! I am trying to breathe deeply and find my zen and...I'm exhausted. *Sigh*

On the happier news front, our Summer Reading sign-ups continue; as of last night:

53--Babies - 5 years
145--Kindergarten - 6th Grade
53--7th - 12th grade


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