This is the story of a robot boy named Doug whose parents hook him up to a machine everyday so he can download lots of facts about the city...until one day when Doug unplugs himself to get a first hand experience of the city.

A fun story that kids can enjoy; how can you not be amused by Doug as he moves from absorbing so many facts to actually living them?

"Doug knew that cities were teeming with people. He discovered that crowded sidewalks made it hard to see where you were going..." to all kinds of new adventures:
"Doug learned many more things about the city, like
Wet cement feels squishy under your feet.
Fire engine sirens are loud.
Some garbage cans are smelly.
Manholes are dark.
Pretty flowers grow out cracks in the sidewalks.
Taxis stop if you raise your hand.
And the cool water in a park fountain feels good on a hot day..."

Kids will enjoy Doug's adventures, and also his return home to be with his family. Yaccarino's artwork is fun and silly and will be enjoyed by all.


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