pungent memories

 Today when I ran out to my car to grab something, I was met with a pungent odor of onions. Not just any onions, but wild chives, growing all along the porch and in the sidewalk cracks lining our parking lot.

I was reminded of a couple years back when I was in South Carolina with my sisters family, at a park, not far from a pen of piggies when I encountered that familiar smell and realized the whole field we were walking in was wild chives. I explained to my niece S (age 6.5) and nephew A (age 5) that we were walking in a field of wild onions and handed them each a tuft. They watched as I ate mine and then both bravely followed suit. We all laughed in oniony delight and ate handfuls of the stuff until we were rank with onion odor. Amazing the power of food to bring a memory to the surface.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, sorry to see it coming to an end.


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