get by with a little help

Thank God for helpful library friends; stressed out last week I got a hold of "Sunshine," the school librarian, and met her at "Beans," a favorite coffee shop that makes you forget you're in the middle of nowhere! Sunshine listened as I vented about library stuff and admitted to my homesickness for friends and family. She really heard me. And it felt nice to laugh and smile--I feel like I seldom do that much outside work these days. I left feeling lighter.

The last few weeks have meant working really hard, playing an endless game of Pong between all of these computer and computer-related items representatives. And I'm tired. After nearly a month I feel like I've made little progress, other than ensuring we have Deep Freeze ready. I am still working on getting quotes for our new computers; need to purchase our new scanners; need to purchase a new receipt printer; am waiting for yet ANOTHER quote for Microsoft Office Pro 2013; need to check in with our guest computer sign in software to see how the roll over will work...and only when all this is done can I schedule to have an offsite tech come in to help get us back online with our consortium. I wouldn't feel so frantic except things keep dying. We lost one of our Circ/copy cataloging computers 2 weeks ago, lost a scanner after that, and everything else seems tenuous at best--EVERYTHING tech related is 10 years or older! I feel like shaking the former Director and saying, "REALLY?!" I'm not sure what he was waiting for, the second coming of the Lord!?

After sharing my computer issues with another local library Director he offered to let us borrow one of their extra scanners until ours arrives. Not only did he give me the scanner, but also chatted about the benefits of getting our Microsoft Package from TechSoup, an organization who offers non-profits ridiculously priced computer software that has been donated by orgs like Microsoft! And on top of that he helped me choose die-cuts for Summer Reading. He's great.

Amidst the bumps I've been thankful for the things that not everyone gets to do at their jobs, like going to see the 1st graders mini-musical which was absolutely adorable and had me on the verge of tears of pride. Those are my kiddos, my storytime monkeys who sang their hearts out and did an amazing job! I can't wait to congratulate them at our next storytime!


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