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I've been so insanely busy these past few weeks. The fast catch up:

Our storytimes that I'm now co-leading with the Education students from Sticks College have been GREAT! As part of their responsibility the kids have to not only pick and read books with the same theme, but also have to plan an art project. Double awesome that I don't have to do that! :)

Did I mention something about a mural one hundred years ago?  When I first started I got in touch with an art professor at Sticks College and asked if she and her students would like to donate their services to paint a mural for us. Because of the short notice, Professor Awesome couldn't fit it into their schedule, but offered to do the work PRO BONO over their spring break! That's this week!! And since my office is on the edge of the Children's Dept. I've gotten to watch the mural progress. The Professors Awesome (Professor Awesome's hubby is also an Art Prof) have been coming in before we open and quietly plodding along, breaking for lunch, then returning. I love these mornings: sipping coffee, doing paperwork, and watching real artists working just outside the windows of my office. :)  I promise to post pictures tomorrow!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' 109th Birthday (which was this past Saturday) on Monday. I decorated our meeting room with a truffula forest and pictures/quotes from Dr. Seuss books. We played "Pin-the-heart-on-the-Grinch," and "Horton's Egg Toss," and the kiddos made Horton Hears a Who headbands (complete with elephant ears), Cat in the Hat hats, and The Lorax mustaches. We enjoyed birthday cake and punch and had Seussical snacks: If I Ran the Zoo animal crackers, "Fish in a Pot" (from The Cat and the Hat) goldfish crackers, and bippolo seeds--chewy sweet tart pellet candies (from The Bippolo Seed). It was a hoot and we got lots of great feedback and 68 people showed up! HOLY CATS! We even made the local news...again.

And lastly, I have begun reviewing resumes for our Youth Services position. I had about 10 resumes to start and have winnowed down to 7 so far. I am excited and terrified of this process. Wish me luck...

The Truffula Forest

The Lorax!

Our display of Dr. Seuss books up for grabs!

Happy 109th Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thing 1 and Thing 2 dashing across the cake!

"Fish in a Pot" goldfish and "Bippolo Seeds" among the books.

Pin-the-heart-on-the-Grinch. That was so hard to make--I am not artistic, at all!

Folks enjoying cake and punch, and art projects.


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