momentarily motionless

I broke my tailbone when I was about to start grad school; one stupid choice that will in ways influence the rest of my life. The fall didn't cripple me, luckily, but I have to be mindful, remembering that I can easily hurt my back again, throw the muscles into spasms I've likened to "having birth contractions of the spine, instead of the lady bits," to Bestie L (the mother of 3 girls, so you know I wasn't being dramatic). Cautious and mindful are not my strong suits, and so I threw my back out this weekend.

I spent Sunday-Tuesday in bed, with fat, pathetic tears forming in the corners of my eyes every time I moved, unable to get out of bed in less than 5 minutes time, unable to do anything more than lay and wince. I dramatically imagined myself in the event of a fire, rolling from side to side, unable to get up to save myself. So, I did what I do best, I read. And read. And read. I forgot the pain and enjoyed laying still, feeling the weight of my body and the heaviness of the book dangling over me as I couldn't absorb things fast enough. I became the me of age 8, voraciously cramming, cramming, as though time would run out and I wouldn't have learned it all.

The time too meant being "looked after;" getting calls and texts from the 5 ladies I work with at Sticks Library; deliveries of surprise care packages that included M&Ms; suggested remedies from patrons who overheard the calls. And though I lay about, sloth-like, stressing out at times about all the work I had to do, that I should be further along in the hiring process of our Youth Services Librarian, and then I just let it go. I did. I came back to work today to mounds of paperwork, a bajillion emails and voicemails, a meeting, and lots of questions, and yet, I came back lighter. Goofily giddy to be doing something again, to be able to walk and stand straight, no longer the hunched species connecting the Neanderthals and modern man. I came back feeling rested and looked-after and there is something calming in that.

Can't you just hear the kids getting smarter?

This might be my favorite!

Or this one!

How cool is this!!? Umm, is that Ariel's Dad? ;)

The older kiddos' Tree of Knowledge all done!
I was also excited to see the progress in our murals, though a little sad that I missed the subtle changes. It is beautiful, no?


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