life is speeding by!

Crazy, wonderful weekend! My brother A3 (one of my favorite people in the whole world!) went car shopping with me on Saturday--he used to be a mechanic so he knows what to look and listen for--and after one shady car dealership, we moved on and found my baby! I love Saturns, and since getting rid of Harry in September I've been missing that sturdy, little car! This car's a 2006 Saturn Ion, a wonderful indigo blue and has thus been dubbed, "Inigo Montoya." I hope I have loads of roadtrips in this little car!

While at A3 & Dayna's this weekend, I also got to see my Savannah Banana taking steps! She has taken a few, but just this weekend she tottered from one side of the room to the other amid cheers! So special. I love that kid and I can't believe she's turning 1yrs. old in less than a month!

And work this week is sure to be crazy too! Among storytimes, a movie showing, school visits, a Board Meeting, a FRIENDS of the Library meeting, and more Summer Reading 2013 stuff, among other things that have to get done, I am beginning the interviews for our Youth Services Librarian position. I am excited and nervous...who says only the interviewee is nervous!! I wound up receiving 13 applications and wheedled that down to 7 really strong candidates. So far, I have 4 interviews scheduled this week, and I am still waiting to hear back from the other 3 about availability. I am going to need a strong drink come Saturday!

More on the interview process soon! See my lovely Inigo Montoya!


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