gray hair making work

I think this is what some of my friends think I do all day. Lol.
I feel like I've heard gray hairs happening this week. Last week meant 12 hour days four out of five days, this week has been a little better, but barely. I did interviews last week for our Youth Services Librarian, and yes, we hired one! Thank God! What a process! I could never work in HR. Prarie Dawn (this will be her blog code name) begins in April, which gives us enough time to get her acclimated for Summer Reading, which begins in early June around these parts. Btw, I still want to share some things to do/not do during the interview process. It was really interesting experiencing it from this end.

As I was wrapping that up I had to begin reconfiguring our schedule to reflect an increase in the Library's hours (levy monies from last year are coming in and we are able to go back to our old schedule). That sounds easy, right? And maybe it is for others, but it wasn't for me. At all. I was so stressed out I don't think I slept more than 5 hours a night and had bizarre nightmares. People would tell me one thing and then get flustered and tell me something else--this resulted in 5 drafts of the schedule, each draft literally taking hours to sketch out. The hours needed to be fixed to be more fairly distributed based on seniority. The new person and I needed to be worked into the desk schedule as well because A. we're a small library and that means we all pitch in and B. I can't justify paying for the part-timers to do hours that we full-timers could be covering, that said I am definitely bulking up our programming so we will have lots of time where we just can't be at the desk.

On top of that I've been trying to coordinate with our tech guy and three different companies, working to get new computers, 2013 Microsoft, and updated versions of Deep Freeze worked out. All I managed to do yesterday, after multiple phone calls and an email trail longer than a python, was get my hands on a contract for our Deep Freeze renewal. It's the little things. Baby stepping, baby stepping.

I am going to have the biggest drink of my life this weekend.


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