not even half way through

Someone called in sick yesterday; worked Circ desk all day; Cargo had to be packaged to go out; Cargo came in, had to be sorted, checked in, calls made; set up for a program--12 hour day.

Someone called in sick today; worked Circ desk; morning storytime; worked Circ desk; evening storytime; set-up for program; program--11.5 hour day.

Today's morning storytime was special because A. it was the first storytime with a college student doing the storytime with me (the Sticks College Education students are doing some of their "field experience," at the Library) and B. the art project the kids did turned out great and is now decorating the kids department and my office windows!  It's those moments in the craziness of a busy day that make you stop and really smile; those moments make it all worth it. Though, I still can't believe it's only Tuesday...

We read Eric Carle's, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then made one of our own!


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