being stardust

This is my favorite page

"Like fish deep in the ocean,
you called salt water home.
You swam inside the salty sea
of your mother's womb.

Salt still flows through your
veins, your sweat, and your tears.
The sea within you is as salty
as the ocean."

We recently received our copy of You are Stardust, by Elin Kelsey, illus. by Soyeon Kim and I fell in love with it! Kelsey's story is beautiful, reassuring us that we are all made up of greatness in the things around us--this story will have children thinking about the inter-connectedness of people and their surrounding world. The prose is simple and lovely, yet woven in such a way that, when combined with the illustrations, really gets the imagination going (no matter how old the reader!) The story, paired with Soyeon Kim's GORGEOUS collages, make this picture book a stand out in its class!

I love love love this book!

Ages: Preschool and up


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