a bestie's birthday

There are so many good things about living in a small town: you know your neighbors, people are friendly, costs are cheaper, you can breathe in the sweet country air, etc., etc., but something we're definitely lacking around here is culture and great cuisine! I've been jonesing something fierce for sushi, so, of course, it was my Saturday night dinner suggestion.

I was at my bestie K's house, helping her set-up for her birthday shindig, when we decided to get take-out. Our little dinner party consisted of K and her hubby Joe, my bro A3, sis in law Dayna, niece Savannah, and friend Melissa; there we sat, digging into California rolls, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, Michigan rolls, and baby octopus, food from this great little Asian grocery/take-out place, Noble Fish. Everything was so damn delicious! I loved the communal feel of our impromptu dinner; leaning toward each other, stabbing rolls of sushi, swabbing at the ball of pea green wasabi, doling out soy sauce packets to one another. I think I spent the entire meal grinning. The simple act of sitting around a table and sharing a meal with dear friends and family sated a hunger in me I didn't even know was there. 

More people came, the party progressed, but it's the memory of the dinner that is staying with me.  That was the best part of the night. And today, after my Michigan crew met for breakfast, and as I was about to head for Ohio, I instead headed north, to a little Asian grocery/take-out. Can you guess what I had for dinner? I'm obsessed.  



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