storytime shout out

I know sometimes it's hard to be inspired by storytimes with the kiddos; sometimes you're tired and just plain tired of reading out loud to groups that sometimes consist of screaming little monsters who continue to bang their hands on the heater, forcing you to read EVEN LOUDER--not speaking from personal experience. It is at these low points when we need to be reminded why storytimes and librarians are important! 

One of the many things that librarians and teachers have in common is that we are constantly thinking of ways to educate and stimulate children; as a librarian we can use this time as a means to experiment with how best to interact with and engage our audience—being creative, without worrying when things don’t work as you hoped they would. I have been working with children for over 10 years and every day is still a learning experience.

Storytime isn’t just about the kids hearing stories, it is about:
exposing children to the Library, teaching a love of literature, and encouraging children to be inquisitive learners, among many other things! 

This weeks storytimes weren't my favorites--monkey books, none of which I loved, but I'd let the kids pick the theme the week before--so I was definitely needing to remind myself of why I'm doing it. And though I am glad that they're over for the week, the kids had a blast...especially when I let them screech and chatter like monkeys in the Library. :)


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