from a tin forest to the story of two mice

From The Tin Forest, Helen Ward, illus. Wayne Anderson
I first discovered Helen Ward when I bought a copy of her The Tin Forest--the story of a man who in his solitude creates for himself a tin forest; once he builds a replica of the real things he desires, it is only a matter of time before real plants and animals begin to appear in the tin forest--at a used book sale at one of my old libraries when I was in grad school. What makes Ward stand out is that she always paints an intimate story, including details that pull you into the world of the story. I just love her!

  We recently got a copy of Helen Ward's The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse; not a new story, but merely a retelling and re-illustrating of a Aesop's classic. I LOVE Helen Ward's artwork, which is a feast for the senses, so full of color, lavish artwork that leaves you feeling as contented as that adorable country mouse.


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