DIVE right in

Because I've been attending the high school's Teen Book Group, I've had to add a few new books into my repertoire--we recently read Divergent by Veronia Roth, and oh my gosh, I had so much fun! I've been reading some slower moving books about spirituality and some others for my Adult Book Group that wouldn't necessarily be things I would seek out on my own, so this was such a breath of fresh air!

The book, a dystopian novel set in a time when our country is divided into factions (a little Hunger Games-y), follows Beatrice as she must decide whether to stay in her faction or choose a new one, all while she is musing over some disturbing and confusing bit of info about herself that she recently received. The book reads like so many teen books, fast paced and fun, what it lacks in perfect writing style and has in cliches, it makes up for it by being absorbing the same way that The Hunger Games was, and like The Hunger Games, Divergent is set to be another YA trilogy--already being touted as the next Twilight movie series; allegedly a movie deal is in the works, and rumor has it Kate Winslet may be involved. I WOULD LOVE THAT! Kate Winslet's only my favorite actress!

Should you read this? Did you like The Hunger Games? Are you looking for something to suck you in and move you along? Do you love post-apocalyptic novels? Then this is your book! Did I like it? YES! I've ordered book #2, Insurgent, and can't believe that after I read that I will have to wait until the fall to read the final book in the trilogy!


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