busy week

Days never work out the way that you think they will. I have a page long to do list that I wanted done by the end of the week, but it looks like it will roll into next week; some days end with me puzzling over where the day went.

This week we introduced a Music Collection to Sticks Library. I am more than a little proud because A. we've never had a music collection here before and B. it's gotten good press locally and C. we got our first hold placed for a CD this morning! Creating the collection was as simple as deciding to set aside some money within our existing Audiovisual budget, and now because of so much e-music and iTunes. many people have already offered us their collections and that is really helpful and FREE! :) I've learned as a Director to never say, "no," but rather to say "we'll use it if we can, if not, it'll go in our used book/DVD/CD sale and the funds benefit the library, so you've helped us either way!"

We've begun a new fiscal year which means redoing Purchase Orders and Super Blank Certificates, and if you don't know what those things are you would be me 4 months ago! :) The Board met recently and elected a new president, someone who is excellent! I continue to be thankful for our supportive board!

Summer Reading is already just 5 months away and so I've been writing grants to assist us in our library funding. Every little bit helps! I wrapped up the biggest of the grant applications today and am doing one more that should be relatively quick--4 in total and so glad--sighing in relief!

And on top of everything else we are in the midst of receiving our first HUGE book order of the year, paired with a big DVD order, and the CDs, which have been a challenge since we've never had them before.

Monday was a 12 hour day, Tuesday an 11 hour day, Wednesday a 10 hour day, another 10 hour hour day today. I am beat.


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