a new challenge

Sticks is fortunate that it has a college in it, which is great because it:
A. brings diversity to Sticks
B. almost doubles our small population for 3/4 of the year
C. brings lots of fun events to Sticks
D. Sticks College is very keen on supporting local and being as active as possible in the community!

I recently met with some of the Education Dept. professors and we worked out a way for the Ed. majors to get some of their Field Experience done right here at Sticks Library! I am excited to see how this new challenge unfolds ,and quite honestly, excited for some fresh ideas and energy--I've def. been burning the candle from both ends lately!

Starting next week I will be splitting my storytimes with the Ed majors, meaning I will begin the storytime and they will finish them; we will be working the same theme (the students have to pick the theme and inform me of it the week before) and the students are responsible for some type of activity: game or art project. I am eager to see how it works, see what the kinks are, and get to know some of the college students.

If you have a college near your library think about checking in with the university about things that they might be willing to help you with, services they might donate, etc. Everything Sticks College has done for us so far since I've been here, they've done FOR FREE! So, I encourage you to GET CREATIVE! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!
Some other things we've done/are thinking about doing with Sticks College:
  • The Asian American Student Union is doing a Chinese New Year event
  • Working with the art dept. to get a mural done in the Children's Dept. 
  • A possible outing to the Astronomy Observatory
  •  Checking into having science students come over and do a "Cool Science Experiments" event


Beth from Oxford said…
Great ideas, Ms. Director! I think it's a wonderful plan and I'm positive it will work for you! Kudos for being so creative!

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