on feeling vulnerable

I am reading Brene Brown's Daring Greatly, right now and am sucked into what she is saying about vulnerability. After putting myself out there with some relationships this year I am feeling vulnerable, and while looking for the quote I wanted from her book found, this...not sure if it's in her book, but it works, and is leaving me feeling a little less vulnerable and a little more hopeful.

"I think we lose sight of the beauty, the most beautiful things I look back on in my life are coming out from underneath things I didn't know I could get out from underneath. You know, the moments I look back in my life, and think, those were the moments that made me — were moments of struggle."
--Brene Brown

So, Saturday finds me with laundry at the laundromat, coffee on the table at this great, little coffee shop I've discovered, and trying to work through those moments and find some beauty...this song just came on as I was about to press publish...I will take it as a sign. 


I'm so happy you have discovered Brene Brown. I just got her Daring Greatly book at the library! Excited about starting it.

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