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Recently read Dr. Marwan Sabbagh & Beau MacMillian's The Alzheimer's Prevention Cookbook: Recipes to Boost Brain Health; the book was informative and interesting and many of the recipes sounded delicious, but I found that unfortunately, like some cookbooks, some of the recipes include ingredients which may prove expensive or harder to find.. As I said, the recipes are interesting and appealing; being a foodie, I wanted more pictures to go with the text.

If nothing else, the book is informative--the first section goes into the disease of Alzheimer's, the progression of the disease, treatment, how exercise may be helpful, etc.; the later sections break down recipes by meal, etc

Would I recommend it? Sure

Wanted to also mention how pleased I am that more chefs and doctors are working to create cookbooks which reach out to patients with certain conditions/illnesses; Dr. Sabbagh & MacMillian's Alzheimer's cookbook joins other cookbooks covering:

Along with loads of other stuff. So, are there any cookbooks you'd recommend?


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