busy as Christmas elves

I haven't been posting much lately because things have been so crazy busy!
  • Tomorrow is the last day of our silent auction; we asked businesses and community members to donate something that we could auction off, with all proceeds going to the library (hopefully toward new computers!) Stay tuned for our final $ count!
  • Tomorrow is also the end of our holiday fines-sweep-clear for those patrons who donate new winter gear for kiddos. 
  • Weeding still goes on! I weeded out the most tattered and gnawed on kids' board books--bought a batch of new ones to replace the old; weeded the adult non-fic, taking out anything that hasn't circed since 2004, with some exceptions. Funniest find? An old VHS manual from the early 1980s.
  • Building maintenance issues arising with the boiler and a broken drain.
  • Still meeting with people in the greater community and college to see how we can help each other out!
  • Storytimes out the wazzoo!! I used to feel beat at OHCity when I did two a week as needed, but now I am up to 7 on a "normal," week. I have 3 of various ages at the library, 3 at the elementary schools, 1 Headstart program. It's fun, but so tiring. I am so ready for the weekend after my last storytime Friday afternoon!
  • We're on a Jan.-Dec. fiscal year, so we're working on 2013's Budget and I am so thankful for our Clerk/Treasurer! It is definitely a daunting process!
  • Planning 2013 activities, more on that later...
  • Booking people for Summer Reading 2013...I know, I know. But I refuse to not have a good selection of dates! The early bird truly gets the worm!!
  • And and and...
Ok, it's late and I am so so beat, and I have an early morning Bookgroup with the Teens at the high school...can't wait until our 4 day weekend for Christmas. Did I mention that I am roadtripping to the Farm, and am SO SO excited. I will probably sleep all weekend and catch up. :)


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