not that kind of praying

Last week's storytimes found us reading books about farms (you know I love farms!). In the midst of one of our books, which had something to do with pigs, a 4 year old interrupted me to ask,

"Did you know that Mama Preying Mantises bite the heads off the Daddy Preying Mantises?"

It's funny, but I literally looked down at the book in my hands, as if I missed something, reading on auto pilot or something. Once I collected myself I said that I did know that and asked where she had learned that (making sure to leave out the part about how it happens after they mate).

"Oh, we heard about it in a book."

I got such a kick out of that kid and her comment and wondered all day what her parents read to her. Working with kids can be so funny sometimes. Also, for some reason, her comment made me think of this.


Toriafly said…
Haha! Love it! I bet you hear a lot of crazy stuff during story time :)

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