no Election Day talk!!

I, like probably 99% of Americans, am so tired of all the political talk, ads, campaign hoopla, etc., that today instead of blogging about elections or cutesy picture books about voting, I've decided to NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS! Instead, I will be sharing about how having a kitten is like having a baby...or a spastic toddler (which I loving call Hemingway) No one tells you about the responsibility or what they'll need or that:
  • They cry when they're hungry
  • They want what you're eating, not the dry, fish-smelling kibbly stuff in their bowls
  • Their medical bills cost more than yours
  • You make sure that they get their flea medicine once a month when you can't even remember to take your own damn vitamins every day
  • Their, "Who cares if it's 3a.m., I'm wide awake," attitude
  • Their new "thing," involves them walking across your throat, YOUR THROAT! at 3a.m., and then trying to lay there inconspicuously, as though they're a scarf and you won't notice
  • The braids which seemed cute with your baseball hat are swinging toys--you've brought this upon yourself!
  • The way that they do naughty things like, stare at you and scratch stuff when they want you attention
  • That "trick" of running into the shower door at full speed to, "attack that other cat in the glass," while you are naked, under scalding water, and now have soap in your eyes. And yes, it's 7a.m.
  • They play that "adorable game," of hiding under the bed while you're getting ready, covert-ops slapping you with their paws, scaring the shit out of you, making you (even more) paranoid, putting runs in your nylons
 And yet, I wouldn't trade him in; Hemmy was so happy when I got home from vacation that I couldn't put him down. I literally carried him around the house for a half an hour, his paws wrapped around either side of my neck in a kitty hug. I love that damn kitten.

Just look at how adorable he is...

"I wuz good wen u'z on vacay without me!"
 Ok, I couldn't resist, I love Bad Kitty--read Bad Kitty for President!


Toriafly said…
Hahahaha! This is way better than a political post! I'll read about Hemingway anytime!

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