maybe we're all a little nuts

Penny Marshall kept me company on my drive down to North Carolina last weekend, and Julia Child is joining me later today as I head back to Ohio.

I listened to Penny Marshall's, My Mother Was Nuts, on CD and loved it. It's read by Marshall, who's voice really invoked memories of  childhood, me sitting and watching "Laverne and Shirley," and fantasizing about my adult life that would include living with a friend and the antics that ensue (this was 2001-2002, living with College Kim--I was Laverne for the record).

The book is predictable in that, like most autobiographies/biographies, it tells the story of her life and family, but what I appreciate is the books look into Hollywood and Marshall's circle of friends through her Laverne and Shirley days to the present. Like, I didn't know she dated Art Garfunkel! And was married to Rob Reiner! I loved listening to Marshall's thick Bronx accent and was touched by how she allowed her emotions to come through the story when she talks about really personal things, like the death of her mother.

Was it the best written book ever? No, but it's fun and funny and if you love Marshall, you'll love this too.


Have fun heading back to Ohio! Hem called me looking for you. I said you'd be home soon!

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