weeding maniac

Sticks Library is in the midst of being repainted inside and out. The inside's almost done, the outside nearly. Yesterday as I was examining the shelves by where the Playaways, books on CD, books on tapes, and VHS had been kept (all were on tables in the back due to painting), I made one of those lovely executive decisions I get to make now: WEED THEM! As far as I am concerned CD and DVD compatibility has been around for so long, why keep the old Books on Tape and VHS? They don't circulate much and they take up double the space, so, get rid of them.

And I did. I went in the back and weeded like this kind of a maniac--about 99% of both VHS and Books on Tape collections, only keeping a handful of both which I intend to have removed from our collection by March once we have more DVDs, books on CDs, and Playaways on the shelves, so things don't look too bare. I heart weeding. Out with the old, in with the new! The only problem now is what to do with all these discarded Books on Tape and VHS. I am going to email the listserve for our consortium tomorrow and see if anyone has any ideas--I'd hate to through all that stuff away!

So, this morning I took a break from desk work and, with freshly painted walls now dry, I set about moving the DVDs from their old location to the new one beside all the shiny Playaways, books on CD, and Hooked on Phonics. As I shelved, re-shelved, and rearranged  everything until I was satisfied, I came up with lines to use as responses when the patrons asked why we moved things:

"We've built you an AV collection worthy of Mordor!"
"No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, you will find it!!"
"It does not do to dwell on DVDs..."
"The DVDs? Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!"
"We're gonna need a bigger shelf!"

If you got all these references you're a big dork too. :)

All of that weeding and re-shelving was a fun break; the afternoon meant going over bills with the City Clerk/Treasurer, Facebook updating, meeting with a college student who wants to make a public service announcement (p.s.a) video of Sticks Library for a college project, responding to emails, and putting in an Amazon order for a bajillion DVDs. YAY!

I LOVE my new job. LOVE!


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