storytimes scream of fun

This is exactly how I feel when no one
shows up for storytimes! Except I am
wearing clothes...oh, God, I've made it
weird, haven't I?!
Since I will be away on vacation next week, we had our Halloween themed storytime this week (only had a family of three show up for my Toddlers group, no one for my Family storytime, no one for my 4s and 5s group). Still working at getting more people to attend!

Without further ado I give you,


Flannel Board: "5 Little Pumpkins"
5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate,
1st one said, "Hey, it's getting late,"
2nd one said, "Witches in the air,"
3rd one said, "Hey, I'm not scared!"
4th one said, "Let's run, let's run!"
5th one said, "Isn't Halloween fun?!"
--author unknown

Book 1:
Pumpkin Heads, Wendell Minor
*we talked about visits to the pumpkin patch; what different faces were carved into pumpkins

Book 2:
Ghosts in the House!, Kazuno Kohara
*we talked about ghosts being not real; what was going to happen to ghosts

Book 3:
10 Trick-or-Treaters: A Halloween Counting Book, Janet Schulman, illus. Linda Davick
*we talked about counting; started the book by counting up to 10 and ended it by counting down from 10

Flannel Board: "Julius's Candy Corn"
I read Julius's Candy Corn and had my oldest child (her brother was too little) put the candy corn on the flannel board everytime Julius ate one off of a cupcake. She loved it! Cuteness!

Book 4:
Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, Tad Hills

The kids wer great at participating, and willing to sit through all those books too!

Still waiting on music, so storytime isn't just me reading at the kids. It started arriving today--HOORAY! Can't wait to bust into some silly dance stuff with the kiddos!
I also spent over $400 on new egg shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, and ribbon wands, and those things will be here in time for our next storytime! WOO HOO!!


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