no pink princess here!

I start my new job today! So excited and nervous! Praying for a good day and Olivia-esque spunk! More on the new library soon!
Ian Falconer’s done it again with his latest Olivia tale, Olivia and the Fairy Princesses! Another story that made me laugh out loud and reminded of why I like Olivia so much. She’s spunky, she’s got pizazz, and she’s got moxy.  
I LOVE Falconer's artwork,
Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
More of Falconer's artwork from
Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
In this story Olivia complains to her mom, “Why is it always a pink princess? Why not an Indian princess or princess from Thailand or an African princess or a princess from China? There are alternatives.  (I particularly love the drawings of Olivia dressed as said princesses). 

 Maybe why I loved this particular story is because I was always the tomboy with the wild adventures and I never understood the other girls. This story is a great reminder that it’s ok to be different; ok to seek out who we want to be; it’s ok too to want to be part of that crowd of princesses—I love that Falconer says that even some of the boys at ballet wanted to try out for the lead princess part.  
My favorite quote from the book: “I’m trying to develop a more stark, modern style.”


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