I survived

...my first Board Meeting! And they were really impressed with how much I'd accomplished during my first two weeks. AND they complimented me on my Director's Report, which I'd typed up and mailed out with the Board Meeting Agenda. I was beaming!..and worried that maybe I set the bar too high. :)  Everything went great, except it's really hard sitting in a meeting with someone who looks like Kenneth Brannagh--just saying.

Post weeding the VHS and Books on Tapes I am still trying to figure out the best way to get rid of these things: checking with Salvation Army/Goodwill; looked into recycling, but still not sure about the cost; donating some to another library nearby for their book sale. Since moving the Audio/Visual Collection we've labeled the areas, and I had the Circ staff go through and relabel anything that is non-fiction with appropriate Dewey Decimals--these DVDs are now separate from feature films; it didn't take long since our collection is so small. But, on that front, hoping and praying--I submitted an application for a Baker & Taylor media grant. The winner gets $2,500 to be put toward building or expanding a media collection--I WANT a CD collection!! We don't have any CDs!! Ahem, I was also proud of my first grant application. Beaming a little. Wish me luck.

Had my first storytimes today: Toddlers this morning and only had 3 people in attendance. Small. No biggie. It's a small town, but I hope more people come...eventually! The grandma was great and thanked me when I finished. An adorable this-is-why-I-became-a-librarian-family attended this evening; great, great, great! Since we have no CD collection and all the CDs I'd ordered to use aren't in yet, and we don't have any musical instruments or shakers or anything it was pretty lame, just reading and a flannel board, but I assured everyone musical backup is on the way. Everyone is just glad that the storytimes are back up and running. YAY! Our storytimes are fall themed this week:

LOVE this book. LOVE Lois Ehlerts books.
Leaf Man, Lois Elhert's. Her artwork is so beautiful! The kiddos LOVED; loved picking out the animals!
Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch, Mary Peterson, Jennifer Rofe
Old Bear, Kevin Henkes

Our flannel board was based on: Fall is not easy, Marty Kelley

Lois Elhert , stop being AWESOME!


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