first day as a director

I feel like I have this deer-in-headlights-look today; still not believing that I have the keys, and the title, and the RESPONSIBILITY! I am a director. Holy cats! I am beat and have about ten million people to call to talk about my first day, so I will just bullet point what my first day looked like:
  • Spent 2 hours just wading through 6 INCHES of paperwork and 12 INCHES of library journals and collection development magazines and flyers that have accumulated since the last director left
  • Set up a meeting with the former director, to get aligned with a few things that need some overlap (he is kind enough to come during his free time and do this with me!)
  • Set up my new Oplin email account
  • Talked to the WONDERFUL and very helpful folks over at SEO (Serving Every Ohioan) a couple of times! They were so nice.
  • Made my first decisions: dealt with a fine policy discrepancy
  • Visited with the President of the Board, she popped in to say hello. So nice. :)
  • Talked with another Board Member about upcoming job posting
  • Looked at our libraries job postings and started putting together an ad for the listservs
  • Started looking over the 2012 Summer Reading materials
  • Looked at our bajillion accounts, for everything from vendors to computer spyware
  • Fooled around with our Facebook page, reset passwords, etc.
Our busiest time today? 8 people all at the same time! Scandalous behavior today? Two girls laying down on couches in the reading room! Lol! Ah, small town libraries!

More piles of stuff to go through tomorrow, more cleaning out and reorganizing, hoping to get out and about in the library and start exploring! More (mis)adventuers soon!


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