day 2, week 1 as library director

Looks like this:
  • Haircut, asked for 3 inches off, I think she took off 5; my hair is naturally curly so, tomorrow it's going to look Shirley Temple short. Oh Lord. The upswing is that in Sticks it only cost $14 for a haircut, blow dry, and hair straightening. Love living in the middle of nowhere!
  • Went through EVERY file and document saved on my desktop...HOURS of my life gone...
  • Touched base with community members who wanted outreach programs set up.
  • Spoke with Mom who put in a challenge/review of book. Nice conversation and she told me I should come to the schools Homecoming game this weekend. Love that small town camaraderie!
  • Emails back and forth to board members regarding various things
  • Worked on storytimes; there haven't been storytimes in over a month, since the Children's Librarian resigned and I am going to be doing 3/week until we hire a new Children's Librarian. 
  • Posted my first announcement (announcing upcoming storytimes) on our library's Facebook page.
  • Started working on our website; somehow deleted the Kids' page on our library's website--too late to call the website IT guy who was super sweet and helpful today when he was setting me up as Admin for site--tried to not sweat it too's fixable, right?
  • Thought of the day: I think I am going to get bed sores from all this sitting, must finish officey stuff so I can get out into the library! 
  • Met with the Adult Book Group; great discussion, 8 people present, everyone was so nice when we chatted after--great way to end a LONG day.

Wednesday will be good.


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