an Ohio consortium story

You know how you have that list of about 20 things to do at work, and you start the day with the first thing on your list thinking, "I will have all of this done by lunchtime." Yeah, thing 1 on the list took over 4 hours, 3 calls to SEO, and finally the SEO IT guy going into our account to fix things. Thank God for SEO!!

SEO is:
"The SEO (Serving Every Ohioan) Library Center, located in Caldwell, supports a consortium of 87 Library systems at 198 physical locations throughout 45 counties across Ohio using the OPLIN network.

The power of this consortium resides in resource sharing among consortia members allowing small and rural library systems to have access to millions of items for their patrons free of charge.

SEO Library Center houses, maintains and supports a centralized shared catalog database that includes over 6.9 million items with a patron database of 905,000+ borrowers.

The SEO staff provides technical support as well as software help desk support for all consortium members, alleviating the burden of specialized IT functions on small libraries.

SEO also provides and maintains training facilities through a mobile computer lab and the F. Ward Murrey Annex facility (located next to SEO library Center) to state agencies and public libraries across Ohio."
More info at their website.

If you're an Ohio Library and not a member, you are missing out! SEO has been nothing short of awesome to deal with since I started in Sticks! Thanks SEO, I heart you guys!


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