some gobble gobble good news EARLY

GOOD NEWS!!! Upon checking my email this morning I got the word that Mummy Dearest and her kiddos Big Fish and Little Fish will be coming to Sticks for THANKSGIVING!! Sadly Hubby (Mummy Dearest's husband) won't be able to make it for Thanksgiving, but fortunately, I will be heading down south to see them for my birthday in October, so I will get to see the whole family then! 

Hope it's not weird if I answer the door in this!
I am so excited to hang out with my bestie, Mummy Dearest, and see her kiddos; can't wait to show them around Sticks and my new library! Because of my move last year and us missing each other on our visits to New England this year, it will be nearly a year since we've seen each other by the time I get to them in North Carolina!


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