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Now that I've told all my family and friends, and it's been posted on Facebook, and my boss told the director and my coworkers, I can finally share my good news! I accepted a new position as a Library Director!! The shake-down:
  • I interviewed for this position back in May!
  • It is in a small, rural community
  • It is flat, farmy Midwest corn country out there
  • There is another full time librarian and a very small staff of part-timers
  • The city is 3 hours west of my current job, so that means I'll be moving over the next few weeks (poor Hemingway--he's just starting to love our apartment)
  • I am getting my new apartment next weekend--it has shag carpet, NO LIE!! I will be getting area rugs to put over top of that!
  • First order of business: interview and hire another full time librarian to replace someone who just left; order childrens, teen, adult books for the fall!!
  • I am so sad to be moving away from my Bro A3, sis-in-law Dayna, and my niece, but am glad that at least my move puts me about 35 minutes closer to my besties in Michigan
I just can't believe it! I am so excited and happy and terrified that I am going to screw things up--which I think is a good feeling, as it feels like this job will be a huge challenge and I will get to dabble in everything! More news to follow as all unravels...grinning like an idiot!


Gah I'm so freakin' excited for you!!! Congrats again!
Anonymous said…
We are all thrilled for you. You will be great as a director. Faith at INDE
Thanks ladies!! I am so HAPPY! :)

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