I wish I still lived in Massachusetts

...when I see the cool things I will miss seeing at the Eric Carle Museum. Coming up is:
Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric Carle
September 30, 2012 - February 24, 2013
According to the museum's website, the exhibit of  what Carle refers to as, "Art Art," will include:
  • Early posters and book jackets
  • linoleum cuts, created for several adult titles by other authors
  • caricature notes: funny and irreverent hand-drawn notes written to friends
  •  Non-representational art or “Art Art:" abstract painted tissue paper collages created between picture book projects
  • “Name Art:” names of close friends and colleagues captured in his famous painted tissue paper
  • Metal sculptures/Glass sculptures: forays into three-dimensional realms, including metal sculptures and painted glass assemblages in collusion with his friend and renowned glass artist Tom Patti
  • Costumes/Drawings: costumes and a set for The Magic Flute stage concert performed by The Springfield Symphony in 2001
  • Photographic street art: Studies in colors, shapes, and textures, Carle’s recent “found art” photographs have their roots early in his career
  • A large Tyvek mural (approximately 10 x 20’) for other participating venues.
For more information on this exhibit, click here.

Who knows, maybe I can make it out there again before February...?


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