crushing on Mo Willems and his latest

Mo Willems is one of my go-to authors for easy readers (i.e. the Piggy and Elephant Series); Knuffle Bunny is one of those silly stories I share with my pre-K/Kindergarten kiddos (btw, the mix of drawing with photos, GENIUS!); kids of every age love yelling at the pigeon in the Don't Let the Pigeon... series. I LOVE Mo Willems. I love his characters and his sense of humor. I love that his stories make ME laugh outloud. I had such high hopes for Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs...I was NOT disappointed.

The inside cover art
Willems retelling is hysterical. I laughed outloud. I may have snorted...a little. He rethinks everything from changing the bears to dinosaurs, to the porridge, to the surprise ending; also appreciated is the final pages where Willems gives us AND the dinosaurs a moral of the story. I love the art work: the "poorly supervised little girl named Goldilocks," looks very much like an older Trixie (Knuffle Bunny Free); the dinosaur Dad has a hysterical mustache; in true Willems style there are the little details (a sign in the background which reads, "Home Sweet DINOSAUR Home."  I loved everything about this book, down to the inside cover art. Well done, Mr. Willems. You haven't disappointed me yet!


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