"Ye villains, ye rebels”

1944's winner, Johnny Tremaine (Ester Forbes), was a slow starter for me, but once I got into it I was hooked. JT is a gifted apprenticing silversmith, though vain and cruel to the other boys he works with; an accident which leaves his crippled, ends life as he knows it, but opens a door into a whole new world.

The story starts on the edge of the Revolutionary War and includes some of the real life drama, i.e. the Boston Tea Party and the "shot heard round the world," and there's a little, "one if by land, two if by sea," thrown around to boot! I found the historical parts fascinatingly woven into Johnny's story (or vice versus) and enjoyed the persona that Forbes gave to Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and other members of Boston's secret Sons of Liberty.

As you can tell I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! Recommend?: YOU BET!

Ages: Amazon suggests 10+

Also, now I want to read Ester Forbes' Pulitzer Prize winner: Paul Revere and the World He Lived In


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